Party extras


Piñatas are colourful figures made out of papier-mâché, that are filled with sweets ans small gifts for birthday celebrations. The tradition originated in Latin America but now enjoys huge populartity in the USA and Great Britain. For this reason we have begun to include this custom in our programme. 

Similar to the popular German children's party game "Topfschlagen", the children take turns to be blindfolded and strike the piñata hanging above them, until it breaks open to shower them with sweets and surprises. The children can then gather as many of them as they can; alternatively the prizes can be shared out between them.

pinatas piniata piniata 



Take-home gift packages

You'd like to give your young guests a small present to take home from the party? On request we can provide beautifully-wrapped take-home gifts to match all our party themes.

Geschenkpäckchen für die Indianerparty


Invitation cards


We can supply individual and handmade invitation cards to match the party theme.

Einladungskarte für die Prinzessinparty Einladungskarte für die Ritterparty