Upcoming events

KÖWE handicraft activities under supervision each Saturday from 14.30 - 17.00 o ‘clock (2.30pm – 5pm)





05th October, "Snow White" - design a wooden dwarf

19th October, "Bremen Town Musicians" -design a "Bremen Town Musicians" key rack

26th October, "Frog King" – design a wooden Frog King





2nd November "Sleeping Beauty" – paint a pillowcase

16th November "Mother Hulda" –design a snowflake tea light

23rd November "Hansel and Gretel" - design a gingerbread mobile

30th November "Sterntaler"-  design a star decoration





14th December - "Heaven’s Workshop" - make gifts

21, December, "Heaven’s Workshop" - make Christmas decoration




The Regensburg Puppet Theater welcomes you in Köwe on 12th October 09th November and 07th December