For whom?

Private customers

 We know how much time and effort it takes to plan and carry out a children's party, and how soon they will complain if it's "boring"! It's our job to run the party, keeping the children entertained and occupied while you can simply relax and enjoy being the host!

We can offer:
  • children's birthday/theme parties 
  • children's activity programmes – individually planned for:

  •     - weddings
        - birthday celebrations
        - summer festivities



    Are you planning a company event, an Open Day or a product presentation? Then don't forget to offer something to entertain and occupy the children who may be present! This can be crucial to the success of an event, enabling visitors of all ages to get the most out of it.

    We can offer a children's activity programme, individually planned around a particular theme or product if required, for:

  •  company celebrations (Christmas parties, summer festivals etc.)
  •  Open Days
  •  product presentations 
  •  seminars, conferences 
  •  exhibitions
  •  anniversary events

    Clubs and organizations


    Carnival, summer fete or anniversary - there are many opportunities for a celebration. How long the guests stay, how comfortable they feel and how much enjoyment they have, can depend to a large extent on the quality of the children's programme offered.

    We can offer individually-tailored children's activities for:

  • Club events
  • Children's carnival events
  • Children's festivals
  • School-holiday activity programmes