Partykiste für Kindergeburtstag und Veranstaltung

Your "Partykiste" is on its way!

Open up the box and ... surprise! With our experience, motivation and dedication we can make your special event an unforgettable day for participants of all ages!

Full of joy and laughter
Reasonably priced
Imaginative and entertaining
Tailored to your needs

We can:
+ take over the entire planning of your event,
+ provide mobile children's attractions,
+ supply party accessories (invitation cards, presents, piñatas etc.),
+ organise and run children's birthday parties in and around Regensburg.

Contact us and we'll prepare you an offer, without obligation!


Children's birthday parties in and around Regensburg

What began as a favour for friends back in 2005 and for a long time was an insider-tip in the Regensburg area, has now grown into a much sought-after children's party agency.

Even though our first Princess-party at the KiEBiZ premises in Undorf was largely improvised and the concept not yet fully developed, the children had lots of fun and the parents were impressed. Motivated by our success, we founded barely a year later our company "Partykiste", with the aim of providing professional, high quality party/event organization at an affordable price. With our birthday parties, party-boxes, theme parties, children's entertainment at weddings or company events, face painting and balloon modelling at numerous events, the "Partykiste" has already made a name for itself.

In the meantime Partykiste has begun to venture further afield, contributing to many events in Regensburg, Straubing, Erlangen, Amberg, Nuremberg, Munich and even in Saxony. Numerous wedding receptions have included our children's programme, which has delighted young and old alike. And of course, we've been able to fulfill the special birthday wishes of countless girls and boys. 

We at the Partykiste are pleased that so many satisfied customers have recommended us and will continue to come up with new ideas to expand our programme. After all, one thing is certain: we have the best job in the world! Not only can we make children happy, but their parents too!